Dawn has seriously saved my skin and my day to day confidence. What she does I can only desribe as magic.
— Alice S.

Facials & Additions

Each treatment will be tailored to address the changing and unique needs of your individual skin. All facial treatments include thorough skin analysis, steam, extractions and generous amounts of massage for deep relaxation and a lavishly pampering experience.


clinical acne treatment

60 minutes / $150
Series of 6 / $765 (recommended weekly)

Specializing in the treatment of adult acne, this facial is a staple for those with chronic acne prone skin who are also seeking anti aging benefits.  Thorough deep cleansing and a gentle enzyme peel with steam will prep the skin for manual extractions, followed by high frequency and targeted LED spot treatment to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.  Facial is complete with a custom AHA peel or mask and a deeply relaxing upper body massage.  For best results a series of 6 weekly treatments is recommended followed by monthly treatments and proper homecare to maintain results.  


custom ageless facial

60 min / $165


Advanced deep cleansing facial that will take your facial routine to the next level.  Carefully selected ingredients and a custom mask or peel will follow thorough cleansing, steam and extractions to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, refine texture and tone, and increase hydration and firmness.  Can be tailored to any skin type and concern including the most sensitive.  May include high frequency or red/infrared LED light therpay as appropropriate.  Always includes generous amounts of massage for deep relaxation.  The perfect maintenance facial for every skin type and concern.


micro refining facial

60 min / $195

Gentle microdermabrasion facial using DermaSweep mini to refine texture, sweep away dead skin and increase circulation at the dermal level.  After a thorough manual exfoliation the skin will be treated with a very gentle papaya enzyme and a deeply hydrating marine collagen mask to firm and tone.  Please note, the skin may have a warm, pinkish glow that can last up to 30 minutes post treatment.  


hyaluronic O2 facial

60 minutes / $225
Series of 6 / $1150 (recommended weekly)

Deep, dermal hydration is the signature of this Intraceuticals skin quenching oxygen treamtment.  The facial begins with all the essentials of the custom facial including a gentle exfoliating treatment, facial masssage, steam and thorough extractions.  Hyperbaric oxygen will then deliver a soothing, calming and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant serum to plump, firm and brighten the skin.  Experience visible results that last up to 10 days post treatment and conitnue to improve with regular maintenance.  A course of six applications over 6 weeks is recommended for optimal results. 



mini facial/peel

40 min /  $135

A shorter version of the Clinical Acne Treatment this mini facial focusing on delivering the resurfacing and antibacterial benefits of an AHA acne peel to keep breakouts at bay. High frequency is then used to sterilize the skin and reduce inflammation. The perfect treatment to maintain results after a series of treatments and home care has resolved chronic breakouts. Treatments include a resurfacing peel, high frequency and cooling cucumber eye mask. Does not include extractions. Recommended every 3-5 weeks or as needed in between regular treatments. Ideal for maintaining results after a corrective series.



glycolic arm & hand treatment


Add to any Facial.

Refine texture and smooth away signs of aging with a 40% glycolic AHA peel followed by a hyaluronic and shea butter mask to hydrate and nourish the skin.  The perfect addition to any facial treatment.


brow maintenance


Add to any Facial.


brow & lip wax


Add to any Facial.  


Advanced Facial Treatments

Focused treatments designed to deliver maximum results.  Expect some light downtime depending on skin type and desired results.  These treatments do not include steam or extractions.


refine peel

 45 min / $175

Series of 3 / $450

The Jan Marini refine peel is perfect for those seeking maximum skin rejuvenation with the minimum amount of peels. The unique combination of acids plus retinol, peptides and antioxidants enhance efficacy and overall results. Great for all skin types and concerns. Peels are spaced 3-4 weeks apart with mild to moderate flaking and peeling 2-5 days post peel.  Not recommended for first time clients.


micro resurfacing

 30 min / $150

A more focused microdermabrasion treatment using Dermasweep to lift and sweep away the top layers of skin, increase circulation and stimulate collagen.  All areas of the face will be treated including the eyes, neck and decollete.  Some light downtime of 2-3 days post treatment may be recommended depending on strength of treatment.  Ideal for clients wishing to take their skin care regimen to the next level after a regular skin care regimen is established.  Recommended as a series of 3-6 treatments spaced 10 days to 2 weeks apart for optimal results.


Technology & Techniques


high frequency

Using a direct high frequency electrode, this powerful anti bacterial and anti inflammatory treatment is used after extractions to calm and soothe oily and breakout prone skin.  Additional benefits include increased circulation, stimulating cell renewal and a mild toning effect.



Light Emitting Diodes comfortably and safely stimulate energy at the cellular level to provide dermal regeneration to reduce the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles with regular use.  Immediate benefits include anti inflammatory and wound healing properties.


hyperbaric oxygen

Deep, dermal hydration is achieved using Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Serum and oxygen under pressure to increase product penetration, plump and lift for immediate visible results.  Added benefits include brightening, soothing and anti bacterial properties.



Advanced resurfacing to refine texture, correct hyperpigmentation and promote collagen production. See immediate results after just one treatment and more dramatic skin rejuvenation after a series of 3- 6 treatments. New clients, please schedule a consultation prior to beginning a peel series as the skin must be properly prepped with home care products for a minimum of 2 weeks for maximum efficacy and minimal downtime.



Using the DermaSweep Mini this particle-free microdermabrasion system utilizes a unique, patented bristle treatment tip and vacuum-assisted pressure to gently exfoliate the skin and increase dermal circulation and rejuvenation.   Gentle bristle tips and variable vacuum allow for a variety of customized treatment options to safely treat acne scarring, early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, surgical scars, photo damage, and improve overall skin health.